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Multifunctional Corn Threshing Machine

Multifunctional corn threshing machine

Product Parameters

Model 5T-1000
Application Corn, sorghum, millet, soybean
Power 12HP diesel engine
Main shaft speed 550--620rpm
Weight 650kg
Overall size 3400*2100*1980mm
Packing size 2800*740*1400mm
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Taizy corn threshing machine actually belongs to the multifunctional grain thresher, used for shelling maize, sorghum, millet, and soybean. The multifunctional thresher machine can use an electric motor, diesel engine, and PTO as the power system. Besides, the corn thresher machine for sale can be equipped with big tyres, which is preferred by African customers.

Besides, our multifunctional thresher machine is very popular at home and abroad. We have exported to many countries, such as Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda, the United States, Bangladesh, Ghana, etc. If you are interested, welcome to contact us for more details!

Types of the Corn Threshing Machine

As a professional corn thresher manufacturer and supplier, we have different machine appearances for your reference. The below displays three types: respectively common type, PTO type with the big tires, and diesel engine type with the big tires. Of course, you can also select the electric motor as the power. It depends on what you prefer.

Applications of 5T-1000 Multi Grain Corn Threshing Machine

Applications of the mutifunctional thresher machine

Because of its multifunctions, this kind of corn threshing machine is mainly for maize, sorghum, millet, and soybeans. Also, it’s for threshing broad bean, pearl millet, rice, wheat, chickpea, etc.

Structure of the Multifunctional Corn Thresher for Sale

Its structure is very clear in the below picture. The corn threshing machine is made of the inlet, outlet, double fans, big wheels, holding part, and power system(PTO). You should attention that this machine has 3 sieves and 2 fans, which leads to getting cleaner maize.

Structure of the corn thresher machine
structure of the corn thresher machine

What Affects the Corn Threshing Machine Price?

  • Machine configuration. It’s very easy to understand. If you want to buy a corn threshing machine without tires, it must be much cheaper than one machine with big tires.
  • Machine power system. Because this kind of multifunctional corn thresher can use three powers, each kind has a different price.
  • The delivery distance. When you want to send it to Nigeria or send it to Ghana, their distances are different. Of course, the transportation charge is different.

Advantages of the Multifunctional Thresher Machine

  1. Three power systems: PTO, diesel engine, and electric motor.
  2. Big tires and frame, easy to move.
  3. Multifunctions: it’s used for threshing corn, sorghum, millet, and soybeans.
  4. High efficiency, flexible power options.

Successful case: Big Multifunctional Corn Threshing Machine Sold to Bangladesh


The Bangladeshi customer was looking to buy a corn threshing machine and contacted us after seeing our machine while searching online.

While browsing our website, he saw this multifunctional machine and was more interested in this. And through the introduction of our sales manager Anna, he knew that this machine is multifunctional and wanted to buy it even more.

Finally, the Bangladeshi customer ordered a red thresher machine with big wheels.

Working Video of Large Corn Thresher Machine

Technical Parameters of the Corn Thresher Machine

ApplicationCorn, sorghum, millet, soybean
Power12HP diesel engine
Main shaft speed550–620rpm
CapacityCorn: 2-4t/h
Sorghum, millet: 1-2t/h
Soybean: 0.5-0.8t/h
Corn sieve: φ18mm
Sorghum, millet sieve: φ6mm
Soybean: φ12mm
Overall size3400*2100*1980mm
Packing size2800*740*1400mm