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2 Cylinder Hydraulic Hay Baler for Pressing Square bales

2 cylinder hydraulic hay baler for pressing square bales

Product Parameters

Model 9YF-5B
Power 15kw electric motor or 28hp diesel engine
Cylinder diameter 2*168mm
Capacity 90-120bales/h
Square bale weight (fresh straw) 60-70kg/bale
Number of bale to be pushed 1-3 nos (adjustable)
Machine weight 1500kg
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This hydraulic hay baler is used for baling various silage materials such as straw, pine straws, grass, etc. to form square bales. It is often called a 2-cylinder hydraulic silage baler machine because it has 2 hydraulic cylinders. The silage baler can be used with either electric or diesel engines, making it a flexible choice.

Hydraulic silage press baler machine
hydraulic silage press baler machine

In addition to this, the square bales formed by this square silage baling machine need to be bagged in woven PE/PP bags. The bagging prevents the silage from becoming moldy.

Structure of 2-cylinder Hydraulic Hay Baler Machine

Our hydraulic pine straw baler has been constantly updated and is now a machine with better performance and quality.

Structure of 2-cylinder hydraulic hay baler
structure of 2-cylinder hydraulic hay baler
S/NMachine part nameS/NMachine part name
 1 Inlet 4 Control cabinet
 2 Oil Storage 5 Hydraulic cylinder(totally 2 cylinders)
 3 Diesel engine(also can use the electric motor) 6Discharge hole

Advantages of Taizy Hydraulic Press Silage Hay Baler

  1. This machine can squeeze all kinds of silage (dry & wet straws, hay, silage) into square bales for long-term storage.
  2. The machine can be flexibly powered by an electric motor or diesel engine, which is very friendly to areas with unstable electricity.
  3. The hydraulic press hay baling machine is mainly hydraulically powered for the forage press, which is very good and efficient.
  4. The machine can also be equipped with tyres and stands (according to the customer’s needs) for easy mobility.
  5. The hydraulic hay baler is equipped with a hydraulic probe to detect the operation of the machine.

Working Principle of Hydraulic Hay Baler

The machine is based on hydraulics to carry out various activities. Firstly, the machine is started and the silage is put in through the inlet, usually by means of a conveyor belt. Then, the hydraulic cylinders squeeze the silage to form a square bale. Next, the square bale is discharged through the outlet and bagged using a woven bag. The whole process is completed.

Hydraulic hay baler manufacturer & supplier
hydraulic hay baler manufacturer & supplier

Before using the machine, check that the hydraulic oil and hydraulic pipes are in good condition. This is particularly important as the whole machine is actually hydraulically operated.

Optional Machines Available for Hydraulic Hay Baler Machine

1. Conveyor belt and feed mixer.

Hydraulic press hay baler with the conveyor belt and feed mixer
hydraulic press hay baler with the conveyor belt and feed mixer

2. Large tyres and stands.

In addition to this, before the conveyor belt, it can be used in conjunction with a chaff cutter, i.e. a grass cutting machine —- conveyor belt —– hydraulic silage baler.

Successful Cases of Taizy Hydraulic Hay Straw Baler

Taizy’s hydraulic hay baler is a great labor saver and the whole process is mechanized, which is why they are loved by many overseas customers. We regularly export our machines to countries such as Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Jordan. We load the machines into containers and deliver them by sea to our customers’ destination ports.

Parameters of 2-cylinder Hydraulic Hay Baler for Sale

Power15kw electric motor or 28hp diesel engine
Cylinder diameter2*168mm
Number of cylinders2pcs
Square bale weight (fresh straw)60-70kg/bale
Hydraulic oil 46#230kg(prepare by yourself)
Hydraulic oil cooling methodwater cooling
Electrical distribution box controlPLC
Number of tyres2pcs
Number of bale to be pushed1-3 nos (adjustable)
Machine weight1500kg
Size of discharge hole70*28*38cm
Machine dimensions (LWH)3450*2700*2800mm

Video of Hydraulic Hay Baler – How to Make Square Bales?