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Straw Cutting Machine | Multipurpose Chaff Cutter

Straw cutting machine | multipurpose chaff cutter

Product Parameters

Model 9ZR-2.5
Power 3-4.5kW
Capacity 2500kg/h
Size 1350*490*750mm
Weight 67kg
Model 9ZR-3.8A
Power 3-4.5kW
Capacity 3800kg/h
Size 1650*550*900mm
Weight 88kg
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This kind of straw cutting machine belongs to the 9ZR series. It is a new generation of multifunctional chaff cutter and shredder designed and manufactured by our company based on the advanced technology of similar products in the society and users’ opinions. This series of straw cutter machines has the characteristics of reasonable structure, easy to use, safe operation, beautiful shape, and strong adaptability. It is suitable for guillotining corn stalks, rice straw, cereal straw, wheat straw, green and dry weeds, and other materials. Users can choose any of its models according to local and their own conditions. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Grass Cutter Machine for Sale

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of agricultural machinery, we not only have grass cutting and grain grinding machines but also straw picking and baling machine, etc. Taizy has various models of grass cutting and shredding machines to meet your various needs for output. In addition to that, after cutting and crushing the material into small pieces, then you can use the silage wrapping machine to bundle the silage feed for extending the storage time.

Applications of Paddy Straw Cutting Machine

9ZR series horizontal straw cutter and shredder is a kind of large-scale shredding machinery recently developed by our company. Suitable for corn, wheat, cereals, peanut vine, rice straw, bean straw, corn stalks, green grass, alfalfa, and other crop straw.

Wide applications of straw cutting machine
wide applications of straw cutting machine

For cattle and sheep forage kneading processing, grass length of 10 mm -180 mm, the width of not more than 5 mm of shredded material. It improves the palatability of forage for cattle and sheep and increases the forage feeding utilization rate. Therefore, this straw cutting machine is the ideal equipment preferred by medium and large breeding professionals for forage processing.

Animal to be fed
animal to be fed

Working Principle of Feed Cutting Machine

Through the conveyor, transport material(to be processed) to the kneading room. By the high rotating hammer blade and kneading plate interaction, the material will be kneaded. The straw cutting machine will knead the collected raw materials. Use the number of adjustable hammer blades to adjust the kneading effect of straw and the amount of crushed material. Decrease the number of hammer blades, the output straw will be longer and the crushed material will be reduced; increase the number of hammer blades, the output straw will be shorter and the crushed material will be increased.

It automatically feeds the straw through the conveyor belt to flatten, slice, squeeze and knead the straw, destroying the hard stalk nodes on the surface of the straw. Process the straw that livestock cannot feed directly into shredded forage with good palatability without losing its nutrients, which is easy for livestock to digest and absorb.

Benefits of Straw Chaff Cutting Machine

  1. The machine has a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, convenient operation and maintenance, and high production efficiency.
  2. The machine can not only be applied to medium and large farmers but also the small straw cutting machine for home.
  3. Equipped with two kinds of blades, one is the cutting blade, and another one is the triangular blade.
  4. The electric motor and diesel engine both are available, solving the problem of power shortage in areas where the use of machines is difficult.
  5. Dry and wet, multipurpose chaff cutter.

What Constructs Straw Shredder Machine?

This kind of chopper and kneader has a very simple structure. It consists of the conveyor, inlet, operation system, outlet, frame, gear lever, wheel, engine frame, motor, and protective cover. The conveyor helps the dry/wet grass come into the working chamber through the inlet. The frame supported the whole machine while the protective cover helps protect the staff when working, like some chaff cutter machines. What’s more, the motor provides the sufficient power required by the machine.

Straw cutting machine structure
straw cutting machine structure

Technical Parameters of Rice Straw Cutting and Shredding Machine


Successful Case: Multipurpose Chaff Cutter Exported to Kenya

In February this year, a customer from Kenya asked for information about the straw cutting machine. Through communication with him, our sales manager Grace knew that he was buying it for cattle feed production. Therefore, Grace sent him the machine parameters, photos, and working videos. After checking out the machine, the Kenyan customer chose the 4800kg/hour straw cutting machine. After confirming the details of the machine, the contract was signed. We shipped the machine to his designated terminal. After receiving the machine, the Kenyan customer sent us positive feedback.

Straw Cutting Machine Working Video