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Why use the sesame seed peeling machine to remove seed husks?

Taizy’s sesame seed peeling machine is mainly a machine for peeling black and white sesame seeds to prepare them for the next step of processing. And there are many uses for sesame seeds in the food industry. So it is necessary to peel sesame seeds, which requires the sesame dehulling machine.

The importance of black/white sesame seeds peeling for oil extraction

The high fiber and oxalate content (2% to 3% calcium oxalate chelate) in the seed coat or cuticle of sesame makes its oil and meal unusable as a protein resource for humans, but only as feed or fertilizer for cattle. Therefore, the use of sesame seeds as food or sesame cake meal as a human protein resource usually requires the removal of the hull.

After dehulling by the sesame seed peeling machine, sesame seeds are not only finer in texture but also more easily absorbed by the body.

Sesame seed peeling machine
sesame seed peeling machine

Peeled sesame seeds can be used to extract aromatic oils, but the process of peeling sesame seeds for oil extraction results in a loss of goodness, especially with the traditional peeling method. So the sesame seed peeling machine is an important tool to remove the sesame hulls and also keep the sesame seeds’ nutrition.

Peeled sesame seeds in the food industry

When using Taizy sesame seed peeling machine to dehull sesame seeds, peeled sesame is mainly used as a spice seasoning added to the food, mainly to make the product looks beautiful, and increase the flavor.

If not peeled then very affect the appetite.

For example, if you produce snacks with a layer of sesame seeds on top, it is certainly much more convenient to buy the peeled sesame seeds directly than to peel them again yourself.

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